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We can clear your blocked drain today anywhere in Sydney!

Sewer Blockages? Stormwater Problems? Bad Smell? Toilets Bubbling? Drainage Issues? ……..(Most drains able to be cleared within 1hr).

We won’t rip you off - genuine quality workmanship. We are the blocked drain experts, our experienced tradesmen will evaluate the problem, and use all the latest technology to have your blocked drain cleared FAST.  Call us today and we'll solve your drainage problems ASAP.

  • Water Jets - High Pressure Jetters on all vehicles will have your blocked drains cleared quickly, no fuss. 
  • Electric Eels
  • CCTV - Drain Camera (Closed Circuit Television Camera), Drains can be viewed from inside the pipes and we can show you exactly where the problem is under the ground.  We have years of experience and can give you options to resolve your plumbing drainage problems.  
  • Plunger 
  • Pipe locating equipment - blocked drains and sewers can be located and viewed to determine where the blockages are occurring.

Signs you have a blocked drain?...

  • Is your Toilet Bubbling / Gurgling
  • Is the water slow to drain from your Toilets, Basins or Bath Tubs 
  • Is Water overflowing outside after you have used your washing machine
  • Is there a bad smell...and you think your drains are blocked 
Talk to us....Call the Blocked drain experts on 1300 85 2348 today & we'll come out and clear your blocked drains!

Why does your drain block up?

There are many reasons that your drain could block up. The main reasons are:

  • The drain has been effected by tree roots (as tree roots look for water and can damage sewer lines under the ground)
  • Fat, oil and grease that goes down our drains rather than in the rubbish, can solidify in the drain pipes, gradually causing blockages.
  • People placing things down the toilet that should not be flushed down a toilet.
  • Collapsed pipework. This can happen over time, due to the ground moving or if the pipework is not supported sufficiently underground and then it can drop away. (Also, if this occurs, tree roots can more easily enter the collapsed pipework), causing blockages in your drainage.

We can use our special CCTV Drain camera to check your drainage pipes, so you can see what is causing the problem and where it is in your pipes…..just ask for our Blocked Drain and Camera service today.

Bad Smell? Toilet Bubbling? You probably have a blocked drain…..Call us now on 1300 85 2348 - we'll fix it today!!
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