Ace Performance Plumbing were so professional, and had so much knowledge...

- Anne, Ryde

Fast, effective and a pleasure to deal with from the start...


Does water leak into your toilet bowl from your cistern? Does the water not fill up properly when you flush the toilet? Give us a call and we’ll come out and fix your toilet problem - usually you’ll notice a great $$$ saving on your water bill too!

Blocked Toilets:

Do you have a blocked toilet? Ace Performance Plumbing can call out and unblock your toilet today. Tree roots, excessive paper, foreign objects, toilet deodorisers and kids toys are just some of the things that can cause your toilet or/drain to block up. Call us and we will have one of our dedicated team there to help fix your blocked toilet today.

Toilet Repairs:

If your toilet won't flush, or won't stop running, we can help you. Ace Performance Plumbing can come out and repair the parts in your toilet cistern, to have it up and working again in no time at all.

Leaking Toilets:

This can be noisy and annoying, But most importantly, a leaking toilet can increase your water bills significantly. Call us today to come out and fix your toilet and get it back running smoothly and hopefully save on your water bills.

New Toilet Suites:

We can organise the supply and installation of the latest in toilet designs with all the latest water saving performance. Some old toilet cisterns use a lot of water, for each flush, costing you extra money on your water bills over time. It is good for your wallet and the environment to consider upgrading your toilet today.

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