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BLOGS - 2013 - JUNE

Hit with blocked drain services before the big rain comes

Over the weekend there was pretty bad weather and rain and Sydney’s area of Blacktown was severely hit by the rain on Saturday. One particular home in Blacktown contact us the rain was pouring because their backyard had started to flood to a point that their garage was also being affected.

As blocked drain specialists in Sydney we were able o determine that the problem was that the pipes outside were blocked and couldn’t hold the pressure of the heavy rain. With our blocked drain services we were able to located the blocked pipes and fix them to allow the water to pass naturally with no fuss. Considering the homeowner contacted us pretty quickly their belongings stored in the garage were salvageable.

Now, many homes around this area has similar problems so please don’t wait until this problem strikes you but contact us today if you suspect your home may be susceptible to this type of problem. 

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